Feats of Strength and Teamwork

March 06, 2015

We’ve passed a few silly milestones in this house as the boys have gotten bigger. A couple of months ago I was wrestling / roughhousing / whatever-you-want-to-call-it in the living room with the kids when they decided to gang up on me. An odd thing happened: They were “winning.” I’m still bigger, meaner, stronger, and faster than any one of my children, but when they work together they can wrestle me to the floor.

The second milestone was just two days ago. Every now and then the boys try to pick me up, and of course it never works. It didn’t work two days ago, either… until both kids tried at the same time. Standing on opposite sides, they each grabbed me around the waist, counted to three, and lifted at the same time. To my surprise, they lifted me about a foot off the ground. They couldn’t hold me up that long — probably only a second — but the fact I moved at all made both kids extremely happy.