New Year, New Bike

March 09, 2015

The daffodils are out, we changed our clocks, and a new season of biking is upon us. My general goal this year is to spend more time biking with my family. Last year’s biking was a solitary endeavor and I’d like to change that (as long as the kids and Molly are interested). The big specific goal this year is to bike with Alex on the annual 208-mile Seattle to Portland ride in July. He’s been talking about this ever since I finished the ride last year.

To support these goals, I ordered a new bike in December that finally arrived this past week: A Co-Motion Periscope tandem. I can easily adjust the height of the rear seat for either kid, and in theory the bike will handle two adults. (I haven’t tried yet.) Everybody got to ride the bike this weekend, and it gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from both children.

Molly and Patrick on the new bike

We do have one problem, though — the number of bikes in the house has officially crossed into “ridiculous” territory. I counted this weekend and we have nine working bike saddles in the basement and only four butts in the house. I suppose the first step is admitting I have a problem…