December Backlog: Zoolights

January 06, 2015

I’ve got quite a backlog of photos from December to work through. Let’s see how long it takes to work through them.

On December 21, we checked out Zoolights with the Leis’s. We arrived at the zoo with hundreds of other families after dark. While the animals were not on exhibit, Woodland Park Zoo strung thousands of tiny LED lights through the exhibits around the north meadow into the shapes of all of their headline animal attractions. It’s like walking through a gigantic 3D Lite-Brite set.

The lights are neat, but the transformed Zoomazium really excites the kids. Inside, the décor sets the mood with blue lights, decorative snowflakes, and hundreds and hundreds of fake yarn snowballs. You can imagine the effect. As soon as you walk inside, you become part of a gigantic kid-vs-parent indoor snowball fight. The kids occupied the high ground, claiming the play mountain as their fort. From there, they would either play it safe and lob snowballs at the parents milling on the ground, or the kids would be more daring and launch raiding parties. Raiding parties take advantage of the general mayhem to weave quickly through the adults and launch point-blank sneak attacks on parents from behind.

Yup, a good time was had by all.

Alex Takes Aim

Patrick Takes Aim