Wait, wait...

March 15, 2012

Saturday mornings, Molly takes the kids to swimming lessons. This past Saturday, after swimming, Molly came back to pick me up before running some errands. When I got in the car, Alex excitedly called out from the back seat: “Dad! Dad! I got a question right on the NPR News Quiz!”

For those who don’t live in NPR-obsessed Seattle, he was of course referring to Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me! which airs on Saturday mornings. Alex will now request to listen to the show, but it still surprises me that he can answer anything!

For the record, this is the question Alex confidently answered correctly. We have no idea how he knew the correct answer was B.

SAGAL: First question: Dr. Seuss wasn’t actually a doctor. He was born Theodore Geisel, and adopted his pen name, why? A: Dr. Seuss was the name of his childhood dentist, famous for telling fantabulous stories while drilling cavities. B: he was barred from writing for his college paper for underage drinking and needed a pseudonym. Or C: he was always getting teased because Geisel is Dutch for toilet plunger.

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