About those kids

June 30, 2009

Aunt Becky leaves tomorrow. Everyone will be sad to see her go. She and Cousin Will got here on Friday, which is the traditional Movie Night with Alex, and also the night of the week we’re most likely to leave him with a babysitter. Perhaps that’s what inspired him to tell me last Friday, “I want you and mommy to go out to dinner and I’ll stay with Aunt Becky.”

As tempting as that thought was, we didn’t take him up on it.

Patrick and Will were best buddies during this trip. When they were chauffeured around, they were looking at each other in their car seats: We turned Patrick’s seat to face forward after his first birthday, and Will rides facing backwards. This turns out to be a great arrangement for carrying on extensive baby conversations. I’m sure the incessant “ba! ba! da! da!” will ring in Molly & Becky’s ears for a while.

Speaking of baby noises, Patrick’s developed a new habit that I hope he doesn’t pass along to Will: Screeching. He does this when he’s happy and he gets this big smile on his face, so it would be really cute if it wasn’t so loud. I really should get this on video sometime. Until then, you can use your imagination. Remember the Ringwraiths from the Lord of the Rings movies, as they fly through the skies on their dragons? That’s what we live with every day. (If you really want to hear a racket, drop by when Alex decides he wants to screech with Patrick. They feed off each other.)

Here’s a mid-screech picture:

Splish Splash!