Happy Father’s Day

18 06 2018

Two years ago, my dad died after suffering from lung cancer for years. My grandmother and grandfather also died from cancer. It’s a terrible disease, and I hope that within my lifetime, people will no longer need to suffer from it. That’s why, for the past two years, I’ve participated in the Fred Hutch Obliteride to raise money for cancer research, and I’m going to do it again this year. On August 11, I will 100 miles on a bicycle in one day with hundreds of other people, all of us doing our part to cure cancer faster.

I hope you’ll support me this year! You can donate by going to my fundraising page: http://engage.fredhutch.org/site/TR/Obliteride/Obliteride?px=1495872&pg=personal&fr_id=1633. Or, if you’re in the Seattle area (or want to travel here in August!), ride with me! Obliteride is one of the most meaningful things I’ve done. If cancer has touched your life, I bet you’ll also find it rewarding to join this community of people striving for a cure. Reach out to me if you have questions.



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