Spring in February

February 18, 2015

Our good weather has lasted so long that it no longer feels exceptional. I expect cold mornings, warm afternoons, sunshine, and blossoms everywhere. And we get a long weekend in the middle of this weather! We couldn’t be luckier.

Kite Hill in February

Patrick asked to ride his bike every day this weekend. He got his first scraped knee on Monday. Four-year-old Patrick would have been inconsolable until he’d gotten a Band-Aid, but six-year-old bike-crazy Patrick just got back on his bike and kept pedaling. Hills still challenge him — he walks his bike up and down anything steep — but he rides surprisingly well on the crowded Burke-Gilman trail. He zoomed along the three mile flat stretch from our house to Magnuson Park this weekend, his longest ride to date.

As we rode to Magnuson Park, he told me, “Biking is my favorite thing to do in the world. Sometimes it makes my legs tired, but it’s worth it.”

Bike Ride