January Remainders

1 02 2015

Welcome to February! Here are a few things that happened this past month that never got write-ups of their own.

  • If you live here, you’ve heard the complaints… where’s the snow in the mountains? Our plans to do cross-country skiing lessons with the kids this winter are now on permanent hold.
  • The flip side is the weather has been great for biking. Patrick’s gotten remarkably secure remarkably fast. In the fall he got to the “balancing at constant velocity” stage. If he ever needed to stop or turn, he fell. For months, we couldn’t interest him in practicing any more. But something changed in the past two weeks that made him more interested in riding again. Two weeks ago, he mastered stopping without falling, but turns were still a challenge. Last week, Molly took him to Bryant elementary, where he mastered turning and rode ten consecutive laps around the play field. Then yesterday, he finally got confident enough to start pedaling without a parent holding him. He ended yesterday with a 2 mile ride on the Burke Gilman trail.
  • In the fall of 2013, Patrick and I planted some bulbs in our back yard. They’re back!

Patrick's Flowers



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