Sun Lakes / Dry Falls

July 31, 2012

What I love most about living in Washington? Spend just a little time in a car and you can get to a completely different climate. This weekend, we opted for a dose of hot, dry summer and headed east for a weekend camping trip at Sun Lakes / Dry Falls State Park. It was our first time to that part of the state, and we had a wonderful time. 

Though just four hours from Seattle, the landscape of Dry Falls looks like it belongs in the Southwest — sagebrush desert and dramatic cliffs. The landscape is a gift from the last Ice Age, when an ice dam burst and unleashed a cataclysmic flood over the area. According to the visitor center, the flood had ten times the water flow of all the rivers in the world combined. 

Nothing that dramatic happened on our camping trip, luckily. Just some lazy time in the sun, playing in the water, and enjoying the scenery. Perfect.

Dry Falls (II)


Patrick in Park Lake