Great trip to the zoo

January 10, 2012

At this point in our lives, trips to the zoo are so commonplace that I don’t bother writing about them. However, the weekend before last, we had a particularly nice trip. We ran into old friends:

Alex and Annika

And the animals were unusually photogenic.

Meercat Tiger

What’s that? You’ve never seen a wolf picture from me before? Well… that’s right. In five years of bringing a camera to the zoo, I don’t have a single picture of a wolf. Most times we don’t get to that part of the zoo, or when we do, everybody’s napping. Not this time!


(And there are more where that came from!)

So all in all, a really nice trip and a really nice way to start 2012. Even if it made me think that at least one of us would be happier in a wolf pack.

Patrick and Wolf Cubs