What’s Happening with Grail Diary

Since deciding to focus Grail Diary on book notes, I’ve changed the app’s navigation model to be reading-focused instead of notes-focused.


Next up is extending the Review Mode. Currently review mode is all about spaced repetition and active recall. However, part of the value of having your book notes all in one place is perusability — I want a review mode that makes it easy to revisit your favorite quotes. What I implemented is a mode that quizzes you on the material you are likely to forget. (I still want a spaced repetition mode! I just also want another one that’s about revisiting your favorite quotes.)

Finally, it’s time to look for an audience for Grail Diary. I’ve long been conflicted about if I should put Grail Diary on the App Store. I don’t want to turn Grail Diary into a side hustle. That doesn’t sit right with me for some reason. However, this past week I re-read a post by Brent Simmons where he writes, “This is the age of writing iOS apps for love.” That struck a chord. I’ve been working on this app for years because I love books, I love writing apps, and Grail Diary makes my experience of reading better. Writing an app for love why I’ve decided it’s worth the work of finding an audience for Grail Diary and putting it on the app store. I know there won’t be a huge audience for this app, but I also know there is a niche somewhere. And just like my writing gets better when I get feedback, Grail Diary will become better when I find the right audience and start getting feedback. That’s my goal.