The Last Smile

April 19, 2013

I’m not too fond of this picture:

Last Smile

I think Alex looks a little possessed. This photo was destined to die on my computer, unshared and unloved.

But then this happened:


When those teeth grow back, they’re going to be big. Everything will look out of place until his face grows bigger to match it. I saw that gap in his mouth and realized he’s never going to look like that little first grade boy ever again. It happened so suddenly!

So I wondered: What’s the last picture I have of him smiling with his baby teeth? Yup… the first one you see, a picture of Alex on our last full day of vacation over Spring Break. Yes, he’s possessed, but it’s the last captured smile I’ve got.

But there are probably lots of toothless photos to come. I’ll leave you with this one. Believe it or not, Patrick took it. I think it turned out well.

Father and Son