Nana’s Visit

August 03, 2011

One worry I have when family visits is our kids will realize how boring and deprived their lives really are.

This past week, Alex was at Jumpstart Kindergarten, a week long “camp” to introduce him to his new school, teachers, and routines. The catch: The camp ran only until noon each day, so we needed someone to watch Alex each afternoon. Nana to the rescue! She flew out here to watch Alex each afternoon.

And she watched Alex’s friend and twin-separated-at-birth, Alexa, until her family could pick her up in the early afternoon.

And, of course, she kept Patrick each day.

And she invited one of Alex’s new classmates over for a playdate. (By all accounts it was a smashing success.)

They went to the library. They played with trains. They bought new books. They enjoyed the summer sun. With all of the activity and attention each day, the boys dropped effortlessly off to sleep each night, exhausted.

So, now that Nana’s returned to the Midwest and our lives return to the normal routine of daycare-dinner-bathtime-bedtime, are the boys going to realize, “Hey! I want more excitement and attention each day, just like when Nana was here!”

(Luckily for us, so far, the answer appears to be no.)

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