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June 28, 2011

Patrick moved to the next room in Bright Horizons this past Friday. He’s now officially a “preschooler.” He gets to go on field trips this summer (tomorrow: The Burke Museum!).

To welcome the new kids, some of the parents and teachers organized a picnic at Windermere Park on Saturday, a nice little park right on the lake. There was a small playground for the kids, and a grill for cooking our lunch.

Those who don’t live in the Pacific Northwest might not know what a typical June day is like: Cloudy and cool in the morning. (If you’re lucky, the clouds burn off in the afternoon. If not…) Saturday was no exception. If the next generation had any common sense, they’d realize that cloudy days with temperatures in the low 60s does not make for great play-in-the-lake weather.

However, after keeping the kids out of the water for over an hour, they started inching in with this:


…which somehow turned into this:


And no, nobody had bathing suits. We forgot that kids are CRAZY.