Ski Lessons Over

February 23, 2011

Alex’s six weeks of lessons are now over. The session ended on a much nicer note than it started. The final day brought blue skies, much nicer snow, and a hot dog party to end things right! (Of course, pescetarian Alex doesn’t eat hot dogs, but a party is a party.)

Alex spent the entire final lesson getting on the chair lift and skiing down the “real hill” with his instructor. From the little I saw, he did much better this week than last week. I think it helped that the instructor used a ski harness this week. It made Alex do more of the work on his own. (Last week he spent much of the time just hanging on to the instructor.)

All in all a fun six weeks. Winter weather is returning to the northwest, so maybe we’ll get up to the mountains a few more times this season.

For those related to Alex, enjoy this little clip of him on the ski lift: