Ski Lesson 3

January 31, 2011

Alex had his third skiing lesson today. He might be getting the hang of it now. As a family, we’re certainly getting the hang of heading to the mountains each Sunday. The mornings are less rushed, in any event.

Ski Lessons

I can feel myself starting into a grumpy old man mood when I think of Alex’s ski lessons. Kids these days don’t know how good they have it! When I was growing up, I didn’t learn how to ski until I was a teenager! And then, I had to drive for hours to get to snow! And I only got to ski a couple of times a year! This ungrateful whippersnapper gets to ski each weekend for a month and a half. And the skiing is so close we can get back before Patrick’s nap is over! What’s the next generation going to amount to, huh?

On the Slopes