Continuing Education

November 15, 2010

For those who don’t know, I’m finally learning how to take pictures. More specifically, I’m taking the Black and White 1 photography class at the Photo Center Northwest. I took a workshop there two years ago (which was enough to get my picture on their website), and I’ve been looking forward to taking the full class ever since. I like the darkroom! It’s quiet and meditative. And it has nothing to do with computers! I work with computers… does my hobby need to involve computers, too?

Another neat thing about black and white photography: you must make prints. Lots and lots of prints. Each tweak you want to make to the photo means another sheet of paper in the developer tray. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s also tangible_._ I have 338 digital photos from our recent vacation to Paris, but the only prints I have hanging on our wall are seven black and white photos from the three rolls of film I exposed on the trip. I haven’t gotten around to printing any of the digital pictures, and who knows when I will.

If you wonder why there have been so many black and white photos on my photostream recently, you now know why! Here are the three prints I had to make for this week’s assignment, which was about “light and shadow.”

On Top of the World

To Infinity...!

Shadow, Curves