Transition Time

July 07, 2010

Today, Patrick moved to the next room at daycare. He’s with the same teachers that Alex had when he was two. This is really strange. I remember Alex in this room, and I remember how he seemed like a big kid. I also remember thinking, I can’t wait until Patrick is this old… Well, that time has come.

To mark the occasion, here are some Patrick observations.

  • One of his favorite requests: Daddy, read! (He’s not quite the book fiend Alex was/is, though.)
  • In spite of the above: He refuses to let me read him bedtime stories. It must be mama.
  • He’s in a hoarding phase. He’ll pick up something small and carry it around all day. The current obsession is a pair of Playmobil fish.
  • Favorite food: Cheese pizza. Luckily for us, Alex has also developed a taste for cheese pizza – this is a recent development. It means we now have a exhausted-end-of-week dinner option that the whole family will eat.
  • Patrick will also eat anything that comes from Mommy or Daddy’s plate. The same food, on his own plate, is unappetizing.
  • Similarly, he wants to do whatever his older brother is doing. The same activity, on his own, would be boring.
  • We’ve let Patrick watch some of The Jungle Book. “Watch movie” and “Jungle Book” are now two of his clearest phrases. His favorite part is the elephant march.
  • His stubbornness shows no signs of going away!

Sidewalk Scene