First Looks and First Steps

August 14, 2009

[written by Molly – Brian finally gave me access to the blog :)]

Finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for – Elsa (my younger sister) had her baby, Catherine Zeibig Vella (they are going to call her Katie), today. She was due last week and we were really hoping we’d get to meet her in person while we were visiting Rochester last week, but she wasn’t quite ready yet. After putting mother through much discomfort for the last three days, she decided to make her appearance at 3:39am this morning. She is 8 lbs 1 oz and 19 3/4 inches long. She has spent most of her time sleeping so far, but that probably won’t last long…

IMG 1766

Not to be outdone by his new little cousin, Patrick decided to finally walk today as well! Becky, Brian’s mom, had suggested we give him a wooden spoon to hold while we get him to walk. With a bit of skepticism, Brian gave this a try yesterday morning and it sort of worked as Patrick took 6 steps but he wouldn’t repeat it. This evening, we were encouraging him to walk again and he took 8 steps, then a little later another 6 steps. Now, he seems enamored with this new mode of transportation and if you stand him up he tries to step (not always successfully) rather than immediately dropping down to his knees to crawl. I think we may have finally reached this milestone.

Brian took a short video of Patrick’s latest achievement: