Easter 2009

April 14, 2009

Easter kind of confused Alex. The weekend before Easter, Alex was convinced that Easter had come. Maybe he wanted candy. Maybe it was when he found the stash of plastic eggs. I don’t remember. Whatever the reason, it was just him and me in the kitchen when I tried to explain that Easter was still a week away, and Alex gave one of his common responses: “But Mama said it’s Easter. Mama said.”

The day before Easter, Alex and Molly dyed eggs. Alex really had fun, and it was surprisingly less messy than we’d feared. The closest thing to a glitch in the plan is we had a hard time convincing Alex that it was okay to take the eggs out of the blue dye. For whatever reason, the blue one was special, and Alex just wanted to keep each egg in there forever. And once again, Alex was confused that we were dyeing eggs but it still wasn’t Easter.

Hard at Work

On Sunday, the Easter Bunny came when Alex was in the potty. We’d just gotten back from church. Molly started whispering to me that maybe I should play with Alex upstairs for a little bit so she could set things up, when Alex came up to me and said, “I have to go poop.” I went into the bathroom with him, closed the door, and the Easter Bunny had plenty of time to set out the Easter baskets and hide some eggs in the living room.

Look at my candy!

The Easter basket was a big hit. More specifically, the candy in each egg was a big hit. We had a really hard time distracting Alex from the candy long enough to get him to look for the seven eggs that were “hidden” in plain sight in the living room. We gave up coaxing him through the hunt when there was still one egg left on the windowsill.

Later that day, Alex had two accidents. Maybe he was reluctant to go back to the potty for fear of missing a return visit from the Easter Bunny. Who knows how his mind works…