It’s a Big Day!

March 13, 2009

As you probably know, today’s a big day. You can get an idea of how big a day it is by looking at Alex’s outfit:

Quite the outfit

Yes, Alex is wearing his winter coat, his moose slippers, and a pair of shorts. That will get him the ladies, for sure. Oh, and he’s pouring oregano on the carpet while daddy has the camera. Typical.

Why is Alex in his shorts? Surely his parents aren’t sending him to school in his shorts when the temperatures are below freezing in the morning?

No. Alex wore pants to school this morning, and he came home in shorts. You see, what makes today a big day is that Polita, the lead teacher in Alex’s room at school, decided that now was the time for Alex to just wear underwear at school. I guess she’s as sick of changing his diapers as we are! Her plan had some results. Alex did use the potty two times at daycare. He also had two accidents. Since we weren’t really expecting Polita to start this with Alex, we didn’t have a big supply of spare clothing at school. Alex went through the pants we brought him in, his spare pants, and then wound up in his spare shorts. He didn’t have extra underwear at school, so he got to use both the spare classroom underwear plus some of his classmates underwear. And we have no idea whose socks he was wearing when he came home today!

So yes, it’s a very big day. We’re going to keep up this underwear regimen for a week and see if Alex finally understands how the potty works. Cross your fingers.

Oh, and it’s my birthday.