Bubble Boy

November 17, 2008

We’ve started giving Alex bubble baths again. He’s liked them in the past, but he really loves them now. It’s a guaranteed way to get him to give up any protests about getting ready to go to bed. “But don’t you want _bubbles?” _we ask.


Friday, we turned bubble bath into a new game. He’d scoop some bubbles on his hand, and I’d blow them. Lots of bubbles blew on to his face. It’s hilarious if you’re two.

No more portraits!

What I find funny is Alex has decided he really doesn’t like it when I hold the camera vertically, to take a portrait-orientation photo. He’ll immediately say, “No!” Then he’ll hold his hand out, back of the palm towards me, fingers horizontal, and say, “This way.” For the bubble photo shoot, I didn’t oblige right away. As I kept taking pictures, he said, “No, like my hand. Like my hand. This way.”

I guess I didn’t correct things fast enough for his taste. He gave up on the hand and started tilting his head to the side. I guess it’s OK for the camera to be sideways if his head is sideways, too.