SwiftUI Toolbar Bug Fixed!

Nevermind! The previous bug about clipping images in a SwiftUI-optimized-for-Mac toolbar is fixed in Mac Ventura Beta 6.

I thought I had been up-to-date on my Beta builds when I wrote the prior post. Here’s how I discovered I wasn’t:

  1. I wanted to see if this problem reproduces on MacOS Monterey. When I did this, I discovered that on Monterey, there’s no attempt to create a Mac-style toolbar at all from SwiftUI Catalyst. Note this is different from the .borderedProminent bug I wrote about yesterday — that bug also happens on Monterey.
  2. Filing a Radar on bugs in new functionality seems more valuable than filing a Radar on bugs that Apple already decided is OK to ship. So, I prepared to file a Radar…
  3. And that’s what made me think, “Let’s make sure I’m up-to-date first.” And I wasn’t. (In my defense, System Settings said I was up-to-date, but it also said it hadn’t checked in over a week. I saw on the Downloads page that there was a new version after Settings had checked. I forget what I had to jiggle to get System Settings to properly refresh.)

Anyway, it’s awesome seeing bugs get fixed in Beta builds. Feels like receiving a gift.