Here are my excuses for not writing more.

25 09 2012

Summer in Seattle is precious. It’s bright, and magnificent, and perfect in every way except longevity. Good habits and prudence are things for our grey, drizzly days. All Seattleites give way to hedonism with sunshine and warm weather. And this has been the best Seattle summer in at least a decade. It started slow, but dry and clear weather has lingered beyond any reasonable expectation. It’s really hard to sit in front of a computer and type when the outside beckons.

Because of the extended dry weather, we’ve been able to enjoy a lot of outdoor activities on the weekend: Soccer games, bike riding, you get the picture. This past Sunday, we had a particularly nice trip to the zoo. No crowds! Hungry birds! Loud siamangs! (First time in two years I’ve heard them…) 

Someday the rain will return. Someday my kids will no longer want to spend sunny Sundays at the zoo. But until then, I’ll be outside more and writing less…

Alex, Patrick, Cockatiel

Alex and Patrick feed a cockatiel at Willawong Station in the Woodland Park Zoo.

Happy goat.

Patrick and Alex have the petting area all to themselves. This goat obviously enjoyed the attention.

Hello, Autumn!

4 09 2012

Every single parent I know is happy school is starting. Somehow, when I was growing up, I completely missed out on this part of back-to-school… Thank God the little rugrats are out of the house!

First Day of School

Alex starts 1st grade, minus a tooth.

But before settling into the comfortable routines of a new school year, I want to remember what an epic summer it was. The kids visited three states, yet we had none of those meltdowns that make parents dread air travel. (Even during the Kafkaesque evening at Dulles airport, the kids remained in good spirits.) We had a fun and sunny weekend camping! And thanks to the hard work of one devoted grandmother, Alex learned to both tie his shoes and ride his bike.

Alex Rides

Add in some of the best Seattle summer weather in years, and there’s nothing to complain about at all! 

Here’s hoping that our autumn is as great as our summer….

Running Through the Spray

Wet at Magnuson

23 07 2012

We spent a lazy Saturday afternoon at Magnuson park. As you can tell, the boys didn’t enjoy it one bit.



No More Three-Year-Olds In The House!

9 06 2012

I mean it! If your son or daughter is still three, consider yourself uninvited from all future events. Boy, I’m not going to miss this particular life stage. (Remind me to tell you why Patrick is banned from the computer room without adult supervision sometime.)

Oh, and happy birthday, Patrick!

Pre-K Photobomb

Early Morning Theology

3 06 2012

Weekend mornings, we never set an alarm… the kids always wake us up earlier than we need and earlier than we want. On a good weekend morning, they’ll play calmly in their room for twenty minutes before getting so rambunctious that one of us needs to go get them.

Last Saturday morning, as Molly and I were both trying to avoid waking up, we overheard the two of them talking. It sounded like Alex was ministering to Patrick.

“But who do you think made them, Patrick?” he was saying. “God made them.” This went on for a bit. I wish I wasn’t so groggy so I could better remember Alex’s different examples of all that God can do. “God is everywhere,” I vaguely remember hearing him say.

But it’s Patrick’s voice I remember most clearly, as he finally spoke up. “I think God is pretend,” he declared.

At that point, I decided to get out of bed and prevent a Tenth Crusade from starting in Seattle. But I am curious how they’ll eventually settle this theological debate.


If you wonder why Molly gets nervous…

29 05 2012

…when I volunteer to take the kids out of the house on my own, this pretty much sums it up:

Run, Splash

They never get into messes like this when Molly watches them! Two days later, Alex’s shoes still weren’t dry.

Brain Hoses

21 05 2012

Every now and then, in Patrick’s eyes, I’m not a sufficient parent. It could be he needs help with his clothes, or getting dried off after a bath, or just a band-aid, and he insists that Mom help him. If Mom’s available, everything’s fine. But sometimes, Mom’s busy.

In those cases, though it never works, I say in my falsetto voice, “Hi, I’m your mom. I have blonde hair and I’m a girl.” I then try to help him. As I said, this never works. Instead, it starts one or both kids on a project of cataloging all of the proof they can see that I’m not really their mother.

Sunday night, when we were at dinner, we had another one of these incidents. I can’t even remember what it was about, or why Molly was busy. We were all sitting around the table, and Patrick needed something, and he insisted Mom was the only person who could help, and Molly was there but busy, and even though it was hopeless, I said, “Hi, I’m your mom. I have blonde hair and I’m a girl.” And I tried to help.

“You don’t have curly hair!” exclaimed Alex.

“You don’t have abwainhose!” protested Patrick.

I should point out that Patrick’s articulation isn’t great. It’s even hard for us to understand him sometimes. But this one stumped us. Both Molly and I stared at Patrick. “What?” we asked, nearly in unison.

“Abwainhose!” Patrick said.

Molly & I stared at each other, dumbfounded. Was he trying to speak Chinese again?

“Can you say that again, Patrick?” I asked.

“A… bwain… hose!” he said, and pointed to Molly’s pony tail. There it was, a brain hose, coming out the back of her head! We have no idea where he got that expression, but it’s one we’ll never forget! 

Bubble Boy