Patrick's First Grade Trip to Camp Colman

June 01, 2015

 Another year, another Camp Colman trip under my belt. We had excellent weather for this trip — really couldn’t ask for anything better.

This year the kids discovered street hockey. The camp has a set of plastic sticks and foldable net goals set up at the basketball court. Over the course of the weekend we played about five different kids-versus-dads hockey games, and the kids won all but one. (It’s not because we were letting them win, either.) While I think of myself as in decent shape for a middle-aged dad, the sprint-stop-sprint-stop of the hockey games took its toll. I was wiped out when we got home on Sunday. My only consolation is Patrick was wiped out too. On our last morning at camp, I had to wake him up at 8:30, which is the latest he’s ever slept in his life.

More photos at Google Photos.