Snoqualmie Falls

January 23, 2015

Yet another awesome thing about working at Facebook: MLK day and President’s Day are company holidays. This is a big deal now that we have school-age kids; we don’t have to burn a vacation day or find childcare for these two school holidays. 

This year for MLK Day, I took the kids on a “hike” at Snoqualmie Falls. We started at the top of the falls:

Upper Observation

…took the short nature trail to the bottom:


…then walked back up again.

On a Walk

It’s more of a “stroll” than a hike, but it was just the right amount for two city-slicker kids. This was also the inaugural trip of the kids’ new Camelback backpacks, which they used to carry their own water and snacks. We bought these recently in anticipation of cross-country ski lessons, but those keep getting cancelled due to lack of snow. I also let the kids bring two old hiking sticks that have been lying unused in the basement for the past decade. Miraculously, these did not turn into swords.

Patrick’s verdict? “Dad, can we go hiking more often?” I sure hope so, kiddo.