Preschool Graduation

12 06 2011

I’ll admit I went to last Friday’s preschool “graduation” thinking, “Come on. It’s preschool. Why are we having a graduation ceremony?”

But standing there, watching the little squirts dance and sing in their red mortarboards, I got caught up in the ceremony. Alex has been at Bright Horizons for four and a half years… which is longer than he’ll spend in high school (we hope!), and he’s been friends with many of these kids for almost his whole life. So I guess it’s fitting to mark his upcoming transition to kindergarten with a ceremony.

Alex's Preschool Graduation

The kids were supposed to wear nice clothes. The best we could do was to get Alex into khaki shorts. He takes after me in that department!

If you’re related to Alex and really really want to understand what the ceremony was like, you can watch this video. If you’re not related to Alex, please don’t watch it! You’ll find it painfully boring. If you have a hard time figuring out what the kids are doing, they’re dancing to Tootie Tot. (Alex is in the back row, on the left hand side as you face the kids… very hard to see.)

One last thing I want to say. Alex’s teachers clearly put a lot of time & effort to create a nice ceremony, as well as a little party afterwards. We even got a little book with pictures from the year. Very well done, and I appreciate all of the effort they put into both the graduation and into the class over the year.



One response

13 06 2011

We also had “graduation” at our preschool (West Campus @ UW). I don’t know when I stopped being a cynic about it, but it was long ago. Seeing those kids in their manufactured morterboards (the kids made their own) brought premonitions of what they’ll look like as they make even bigger transitions.

And, you’re right. We think of high school as big, but for parents, pre school and elementary are big, the time we spend the most time with the school, and with our kids in the school.

(I do not know Alex or you, so I’ll take your advice and not watch the video, but I do stop in here for the good photos. We live in the same neck of the woods).

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