We now have a three-year-old in the house!

June 10, 2011

There’s nothing quite so hyper as a newly minted three-year-old boy. Patrick was smiling and bouncing off the walls from sunup to sundown. (And at our northern latitude in June, sunup to sundown is a long time!) He got to enjoy cupcakes at school, extra dessert at home, a special birthday crown, and even a few presents. The bubble gun Molly bought him was a hit.

Bubble Gun

The cutest thing was watching Alex. Yes, there were a few moments of, “Wait! Why do we always do what Patrick wants?!” However, for the most part, he was really sweet the whole day. He was the first to wish Patrick Happy Birthday in the morning, and he made Patrick a great card in daycare. I guess out of respect for Patrick’s special day, he didn’t have to share the card with the invisible Other Brother.


Just a few more signs of our kids getting older: Tomorrow, Alex has his preschool “graduation.” While he’s staying at Bright Horizons through the summer, many of his friends will be leaving for the summer… so it really is like a graduation. And Patrick will be moving to the three-year-old preschool room on July 1st. This will be great for him, because it means he’ll have a summer full of field trips. He’ll have a blast.