Welcome to Homebase E!

27 06 2011

Patrick moved to the next room in Bright Horizons this past Friday. He’s now officially a “preschooler.” He gets to go on field trips this summer (tomorrow: The Burke Museum!).

To welcome the new kids, some of the parents and teachers organized a picnic at Windermere Park on Saturday, a nice little park right on the lake. There was a small playground for the kids, and a grill for cooking our lunch.

Those who don’t live in the Pacific Northwest might not know what a typical June day is like: Cloudy and cool in the morning. (If you’re lucky, the clouds burn off in the afternoon. If not…) Saturday was no exception. If the next generation had any common sense, they’d realize that cloudy days with temperatures in the low 60s does not make for great play-in-the-lake weather.

However, after keeping the kids out of the water for over an hour, they started inching in with this:


…which somehow turned into this:


And no, nobody had bathing suits. We forgot that kids are CRAZY.


Happy belated Father’s Day

20 06 2011

By pure happenstance, I was the parent tasked with taking both kids out for bagels yesterday morning, entertaining them at a playground, then taking them both to get their hair cut. (Molly was on Emergency Pie Duty. We had a picnic dinner with friends yesterday evening. Our job was dessert. The original dessert failed spectacularly, so Molly had to scramble to make a pie, and thus I had the kids. The pie, by the way, was delicious.)

Anyway, while the kids were as good as could be expected, I did get a few ironic Happy Father’s Day! greetings from strangers when they were at their most hyper. That was my day in a nutshell. I hope everybody else enjoyed theirs!

Bagel Monster

Preschool Graduation

12 06 2011

I’ll admit I went to last Friday’s preschool “graduation” thinking, “Come on. It’s preschool. Why are we having a graduation ceremony?”

But standing there, watching the little squirts dance and sing in their red mortarboards, I got caught up in the ceremony. Alex has been at Bright Horizons for four and a half years… which is longer than he’ll spend in high school (we hope!), and he’s been friends with many of these kids for almost his whole life. So I guess it’s fitting to mark his upcoming transition to kindergarten with a ceremony.

Alex's Preschool Graduation

The kids were supposed to wear nice clothes. The best we could do was to get Alex into khaki shorts. He takes after me in that department!

If you’re related to Alex and really really want to understand what the ceremony was like, you can watch this video. If you’re not related to Alex, please don’t watch it! You’ll find it painfully boring. If you have a hard time figuring out what the kids are doing, they’re dancing to Tootie Tot. (Alex is in the back row, on the left hand side as you face the kids… very hard to see.)

One last thing I want to say. Alex’s teachers clearly put a lot of time & effort to create a nice ceremony, as well as a little party afterwards. We even got a little book with pictures from the year. Very well done, and I appreciate all of the effort they put into both the graduation and into the class over the year.

Party Time!

12 06 2011

Patrick’s birthday was Thursday, but we had his party at our house today.

Patrick in the Balloons

As you might expect, a house full of eleven little boys and one little girl can be quite chaotic. However, the party was a big success. No major tears or fights. The piñata was a hit, and the cupcakes were even more popular. And Patrick loved the attention, the presents, and the balloons!

As fun as it was, it’s still nice to be done with birthday parties for the year…

Cupcake Candles

Patrick and Molly

We now have a three-year-old in the house!

9 06 2011

There’s nothing quite so hyper as a newly minted three-year-old boy. Patrick was smiling and bouncing off the walls from sunup to sundown. (And at our northern latitude in June, sunup to sundown is a long time!) He got to enjoy cupcakes at school, extra dessert at home, a special birthday crown, and even a few presents. The bubble gun Molly bought him was a hit.

Bubble Gun

The cutest thing was watching Alex. Yes, there were a few moments of, “Wait! Why do we always do what Patrick wants?!” However, for the most part, he was really sweet the whole day. He was the first to wish Patrick Happy Birthday in the morning, and he made Patrick a great card in daycare. I guess out of respect for Patrick’s special day, he didn’t have to share the card with the invisible Other Brother.


Just a few more signs of our kids getting older: Tomorrow, Alex has his preschool “graduation.” While he’s staying at Bright Horizons through the summer, many of his friends will be leaving for the summer… so it really is like a graduation. And Patrick will be moving to the three-year-old preschool room on July 1st. This will be great for him, because it means he’ll have a summer full of field trips. He’ll have a blast.

That One Is My Other Brother

8 06 2011

That One Is My Other Brother, originally uploaded by B.K. Dewey.

This has become a motif in Alex’s drawings. This picture has Daddy, Mommy, Patrick, Asher, T.J., Alex… and his other brother, who only Alex can see. The other brother doesn’t have a name, and he always has extra arms, legs, and eyes. We have LOTS of drawings like this now!