The Most Trouble Comes from the Cutest Smiles

27 02 2011

Think Helen of Troy. Lindsay Lohan. And Patrick Dewey.


Ski Lessons Over

22 02 2011

Alex’s six weeks of lessons are now over. The session ended on a much nicer note than it started. The final day brought blue skies, much nicer snow, and a hot dog party to end things right! (Of course, pescetarian Alex doesn’t eat hot dogs, but a party is a party.)

Alex spent the entire final lesson getting on the chair lift and skiing down the “real hill” with his instructor. From the little I saw, he did much better this week than last week. I think it helped that the instructor used a ski harness this week. It made Alex do more of the work on his own. (Last week he spent much of the time just hanging on to the instructor.)

All in all a fun six weeks. Winter weather is returning to the northwest, so maybe we’ll get up to the mountains a few more times this season.

For those related to Alex, enjoy this little clip of him on the ski lift:

Best day skiing yet!

14 02 2011

Clear skies, fresh snow, and the kids all got 1:1 instruction today. And that means Alex went up the chair lift for the first time! I skied with him and his instructor for the final 25 minutes of the lesson, and let’s just say that Alex isn’t a natural. His instructor was doing all of the hard work for getting Alex down the hill. Alex spent his time reaching down and eating snow. Oh well, he has many years in front of him to get the hang of skiing.

I didn’t have my camera today, but fortunately our friend Ben did. These are his pictures. The first two are from today. The third is one from the trip that Patrick took to the ski resort… I didn’t know they had the picture until today. Enjoy!

Skling 098

Skling 047


Another rainy day on the slopes

6 02 2011

It was another rainy Sunday at Snoqualmie. East coast, you can send a little bit of that winter weather our way, okay? It’s really not considerate to hog it all. But it did give me an excuse to play with the “movie trailer” features of iMovie. I’m sure these effects will get tired from overuse on the Internet soon… but until then, enjoy!

Sunday Skiing

Patrick wears underwear!

3 02 2011

I think it might be a while before he really understands potty training, don’t you?

Patrick wears underwear!