30 01 2011

I forgot I did this… back in December, I used the website Pummelvision to create a short video of the pictures I uploaded to Flickr. It’s kind of mesmerizing to watch the past several years of my life flit by in four minutes.

Ski Lesson 3

30 01 2011

Alex had his third skiing lesson today. He might be getting the hang of it now. As a family, we’re certainly getting the hang of heading to the mountains each Sunday. The mornings are less rushed, in any event.

Ski Lessons

I can feel myself starting into a grumpy old man mood when I think of Alex’s ski lessons. Kids these days don’t know how good they have it! When I was growing up, I didn’t learn how to ski until I was a teenager! And then, I had to drive for hours to get to snow! And I only got to ski a couple of times a year! This ungrateful whippersnapper gets to ski each weekend for a month and a half. And the skiing is so close we can get back before Patrick’s nap is over! What’s the next generation going to amount to, huh?

On the Slopes

Darn that Pineapple Express

16 01 2011

Those who were waiting to see more pictures from Alex’s ski lessons will be disappointed. Since Wednesday, we’ve been living through a Pineapple Express. The warm & wet air from Hawaii has kept the Seattle temperatures in the mid-fifties, night and day, for the past five days. The snow level has shot up to 6000 feet, which is much higher than any of the nearby ski resorts. Because of the rain and the wind, today’s ski lessons were cancelled. (Hopefully that’s the worst that will happen to the area. We’ve gotten enough rain that people are worried about landslides.)

Alex was particularly disappointed, because after the horrible experience renting equipment for the previous lesson, we went out and bought him everything he needed—skis, boots, helmet, goggles. He was really excited to hit the slopes again and try out his new gear, particularly the helmet and goggles. In spite of the weather, he’s been wearing those every chance he gets. He’d wear them to sleep if we let him.

Ready for the Slopes

Patrick had to try them on, too. I bet he’ll love the snow as much as his brother. I think the whole family will go up the next time the weather cooperates, giving Patrick a chance to sled while Alex has his lesson.

Ski Baby

Things you might not notice about this picture.

4 01 2011

Alex and Buzz

This picture is from Roan’s birthday party on Sunday. Notice that sunshine in the window? We’ve had beautifully clear weather for several days. It makes winter much more enjoyable.

You probably can’t see the germs that are swirling around in Alex’s gut when I took this picture. A mild but persistent stomach bug started its unwelcome visit to our family later on Sunday afternoon. It’s been jumping from person to person since then, never making us feel too bad but also not going away. Bleh.