The Little Troublemaker

30 06 2010

Perhaps my memory fails me, but Patrick seems more inclined to cause trouble than Alex did at two years old. Patrick’s the kid you leave playing quietly in the toy room, and you come back and every single game has been emptied out of their boxes with all of the little pieces in a big pile. He’s the kid who figured out early how to drag a stool or a chair around so he can climb high and get forbidden toys.

Yesterday, here’s what happened. As usual, I picked the two boys up from daycare by myself while Molly made dinner. When I picked up Patrick, there was an incident report in his mailbox – these are triplicate forms they give us whenever something bad happens, like a cut, bad bruise, or a biting incident. This one read: Patrick put another child in a headlock. The other child bit Patrick.

(Serves him right!)

There was the usual evening traffic jam of parents and children at the front desk as I ushered the two kids out. Sandy stopped me there and reminded me that I was supposed to sign the incident form and just keep one of the copies. (Molly & I almost always skip this step.) So, I find a pen, find where to sign, figure out what copy to keep and what copy to give to them. When I turn around, Alex exclaims, “Daddy! Patrick went on the elevator by himself!”

“Seriously?” I said. I looked around and couldn’t see Patrick anywhere. At this point, I really didn’t know what to do. Alex was up in the reception area. Patrick was on his way down to the lower entryway by himself. Who knows, perhaps on his way out the front door!

I paused for what seemed like a long time, but was probably just 3-5 seconds, and left Alex with a friend’s mom while I rushed down the stairs. As I was going down, I heard the elevator heading up. Sure enough, by the time I got to the lower entrance to daycare, there was no Patrick, so I bounded back upstairs and found him crying and a little freaked out in the elevator.

Has he learned his lesson? Who knows. Something tells me it’s going to be a rocky year, though…

Two Monkeys

Climbing a Tree

29 06 2010

Climb a Tree

It’s a little thing, but on our trip to the arboretum on Sunday morning, Alex was able to scramble up “the climbing tree” all on his own. (He did need help getting down.) Just one more sign of growing older.

For those who don’t remember, this is what the climbing tree looks like. It’s trunk does have a nice incline for climbing.

The Climbing Tree

Working on a New Milestone

22 06 2010

Trying a Fork and Knife

Now that Patrick’s turned two, we’re working on a new milestone: He only gets to use his pacifier when he’s going to sleep. It’s been tough, as he likes to have his pacifier for comfort. It makes me feel particularly mean-spirited and spiteful to look at a crying toddler and not give him the one thing that would make him calm down.

His older brother clearly feels the same way. Several times when Patrick’s been crying and exclaiming, “Nuk! Nuk!” Alex has gotten him a pacifier. On the one hand, it’s really cute… but it certainly isn’t helping us keep a unified front! (Or perhaps what’s going on is the kids are starting to realize they can present a unified front against us… uh oh.)

Are You Looking At Me?

21 06 2010

Are You Looking At Me?

So Alex has now seen his first movie in a theater. On Father’s day, he & I went to the morning showing of Toy Story 3. Everything you’ve heard is true. It’s a great movie, it’s quite a bit darker than the earlier films, and it really yanks heartstrings at the end. As the tension built during the film, I kept glancing at Alex to make sure he wasn’t scared… Nope. At the end of the movie, when I heard lots of sniffles from the audience, I again looked at Alex. Dry-eyed. I guess it’s a long road to full emotional maturity…

Finally Done with the Virginia Photos

6 06 2010

We’ve been back from our trip from Virginia for about a month now, and I’m finally done going through all of the photos. Here’s one of my favorite photos from the trip. It’s just Alex at the playground near my dad’s house in Herndon:

Playground Fun

What the picture lacks in photographic merit, it makes up for in nostalgia. Here is my very first photo uploaded to Flickr, almost three years ago:

Fun at the playground

…which means, of course, that the Alex of that second picture is considerably younger than the Patrick of our most recent trip. So strange to think about how big this little man is getting.