Back From St. Louis

30 03 2010

We’re safely home from our trip to St. Louis. This is was my first plane flight since I dictatorially imposed a travel moratorium that started when Patrick could walk and was supposed to end when Patrick turned two… (Alex resumed being a good traveller on his trip to Maine when he was a little over two years old, so that’s been my yardstick.)

We returned from the trip with no travelling-with-children horror stories, so I think that’s a resounding success! Yes, Patrick was a little fussy on the plane. And no, the timezones did not work in our favor… the kids still thought 6:30 was a perfectly reasonable time to wake up. And of course, in spite of slipping effortlessly into St. Louis time, upon the return to Seattle they stayed stuck in Central Time and woke up at 4:30. But if that’s all we have to complain about, it must have been a good trip indeed!

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Getting More Vocal?

15 03 2010

Patrick’s language seems to be entering that rapid development phase that comes around two. Today, we were playing in the back yard when Cleo escaped. When I put her back inside, Patrick pointed and said, Cleo (which was expected), and then he said House (which is starting to sound like he’s trying to put a sentence together).
And this was his note from school today:

At nap, Patrick was being very vocal. While Tricia [one of the teachers] was cleaning, he kept saying, “Hi Shi-Sha!” And when Tricia walked over to the other side of the room to start patting kids’ backs, he started yelling, “HI SHI-SHA!!” All of a sudden, he says, “How you?” It was adorable!


A few more Patrick notes

10 03 2010

From today:

Patrick told Matt [one of the teachers] that he was poopy this morning so that he would change him. When Matt checked Patrick, he wasn’t poopy. Patrick just laughed, then proceeded to check Matt to see if he was poopy! It was funny and very unexpected!

And yesterday. (The context: The toddlers got to do “a day at the beach” — they filled a large container with blue sand and had little plastic starfish to play with.)

Patrick loved running his fingers through the sand during our sensory table activity. He was so serious at first, but as soon as he saw me pull out the camera, he kept yelling, “CHEESE! CHEESE!” and holding up various sea animals to show me.

Talk to the Hand (Unretouched)

From The Bark

9 03 2010

From The Bark, originally uploaded by B.K. Dewey.

What I think is coolest about cherry trees is how you get clusters of blossoms coming right out of the trunk of the tree. It’s like it can’t decide if it’s a tree or a bush.

Who’s Cute?

9 03 2010

Today’s note from daycare:

Out on the playground, Stephanie (the floating teacher) told Patrick that he was cute. He smiled and said, “cute.” She said, “Yeah, can you say, ‘I’m cute?'” Patrick repeated, “I’m cute!” Before naptime, I asked him, “Patrick, are you cute?” He quickly replied, “Yeah!! I’m cute!!” as he pointed to himself!

Northwest Railway Museum

3 03 2010

The second part of our adventure to Snoqualmie Falls was a trip to the Northwest Railway Museum. It was my first time there, and the trip was a bit of a whim. Let me get the good news out of the way first: The railway museum is free, and it’s authentic. There’s a Victorian train depot and lots of old rail cars from the 1940s and 1950s. The site is clean and well-maintained.

The bad news: In spite of being about trains, it’s not a terribly kid-friendly musuem. There’s a gift shop, and lots of rail cars to see from the outside, but only one locomotive you can walk in and nothing in the way of hands-on exhibits. There were some well-done placards by the old rail cars, but with two kids in tow I didn’t have much time to stand around and read.

So, not the best place for an almost-two and almost-four-year old. But the sun was shining, there was one small orange locomotive that the kids could get in… and it was free!

Patrick in the Locomotive

Little Engineers