Early Thanksgiving Wishes

22 11 2009

Here are some early Thanksgiving wishes from Alex.

Patrick’s Word of the Day

21 11 2009

While Patrick has been making sounds for a while, we can now say that he is learning words. His learning process is a little different than what we remember of Alex – he latches onto a word or phrase and repeats it over and over again.

A few weeks ago, the word was “no.” Earlier this week, the word was “mine.” Today, the word is “Leo” even though he means “Cleo” our cat. He starts shouting it whenever she or our other cat, Mo, walk into the room. When it is Mo that he is actually shouting at, I can correct him, then he will start shouting “Mo.”

Goodbye October…

8 11 2009

Autumn isn’t over, but the nice part of Autumn likely is. The weather is increasingly wet, the color is disappearing. With the end of daylight savings time, it’s now pitch black when we get the kids from daycare. It’s time to hunker down until March.

Goodbye, October. We hardly knew ye.

Seasons Change Red, Green, Frost

Fall Beautiful Decay

Autumn's Growth

Trick Or Treat!

5 11 2009

Each year, Alex gets a little more excited about Halloween. Two years ago, as you recall, it was The Halloween That Wasn’t. He wouldn’t even put on his costume. Last year, he put on his costume, but we went trick-or-treating at about six houses before he was tired.

This year, he hit the jackpot. We started the evening a little nervous about how healthy he was. He’d had a fever the past few days, and while he seemed on the mend, he was also more tired than normal. (He took a nap on Saturday, something unheard of.) We thought the easiest thing to do was take the kids down to University Village, which had trick-or-treating from 4:00 to 6:00. That would let us wrap up early.

University Village was less of a madhouse than we feared. Yes, it was filled with little Storm Troopers, Princesses, and Vampires. But aside from a few crowded corridors, you could still move freely from store to store and accumulate an impressive bag of sugar. Even our little dinosaur had a good time, once he stopped fighting wearing his costume.


But our lion was certainly the luckiest of all. Not only did he have a good time trick-or-treating at University Village, he was also healthy and energetic enough after dinner that I took him trick-or-treating on our street. So I wouldn’t look out of place, I dressed up as a cowboy. I’m kind of embarrassed that’s a pretty easy costume for me; I just throw a bandana around my neck, a hat on my head, and wear the same kind of clothes I wear every day. The way I normally dress, you’d think stampedes were common occurrences through the hallways of Microsoft.

Unlike last year, Alex made it all the way down and most of the way back up our block, gathering candy at each stop on the way. He made my heart melt at the end, when he was finally too tired to walk. I picked him up, and as I carried him to our house, he said, “Dad, you’re my favorite cowboy.”

A Fierce Roar

The Innocent Bystander

3 11 2009

Patrick didn’t really get Halloween. This is a kid who doesn’t like us putting his coat on him; a full-body costume was that much more unpleasant. (We did finally manage it, though, and I’ll eventually post the pictures to prove it.) He’s still to young to trick-or-treat. He was just an innocent bystander to the whole affair.

I took these pictures as he wandered around the table while Alex and Mom carved pumpkins. He didn’t understand what the fuss was about.

Innocent Bystander

Under the Table

Pumpkin Carving

3 11 2009

Halloween means pumpkins.

A Boy and his Pumpkins

Halloween means squishy orange pumpkin guts and messy hands.

Medusa Pumpkin


If you’re three years old, holidays don’t get much better than this!

Finished Product

Zombie Patrick

1 11 2009

Zombie Patrick, originally uploaded by B.K. Dewey.

I’m sure everybody’s expecting Halloween pictures, and they’re coming. In the meantime, keeping with the season, I present: Zombie Patrick!