23 07 2009

I rode my bike last weekend for the first time in five years. I literally had to dust it off. The nice thing about low tech things is they’re reliable. Just some air in the tires and the bike was ready to go. Sure, one of the shifters is a little wonky, but mostly the bike rides well.

When I got home on Saturday morning, Alex saw me wearing my bike helmet and insisted on wearing one while he rode his tricycle in the back yard. Because my helmet was sweaty from the ride, we let him wear Molly’s. He wore the helmet the rest of the morning. And note the ubiquitous red dinosaur pajamas.

Funny Faces


22 07 2009

When I read about the food adventures that my friends Dawn and Eric have, I must admit I get a little jealous. They recently got back from a weekend in Portland that sounds and looks amazing. You can check it out here: The Portland food rampage.

This hot summer, my idea of a great meal is a peanut butter sandwich. It doesn’t involve turning on the stove and you can eat it on a blanket outside.

Picnic Dinner by you.

Happiness is new dinosaur pajamas

21 07 2009

Seattle’s glorious summer continues. Of course, as we don’t have air conditioning, we don’t think summer is too glorious when it’s 85 degrees upstairs when it’s time for the kids to go to sleep. Alex hasn’t complained about the heat. Actually, a few nights he insisted on wearing his heavy fleece footie pajamas. Still, it makes us hot thinking about trying to sleep in heavy pajamas, so Molly bought both kids a couple of pairs of new lightweight pajamas.

The red dinosaur pajamas are a hit. Alex would wear them every day, all day long if we let him.

Summer in the Grass

Nothing happened this week.

16 07 2009

Really. Not a single funny parenting anecdote to share. The kids wake up, we take them to daycare, we go to work, we pick them up, we do our evening routine, everybody sleeps. Repeat.

Here’s a story from last week.

Molly usually gets Patrick and Alex dressed in the morning. Last Wednesday morning, she pulled out Alex’s clothes and started getting Patrick dressed. “Alex,” she said. “Can you put your clothes on, please?”

As she started wrestling Patrick’s clothes on, Alex answers back from his bed: “Mommy, stop controlling me!”

To think, this time a year ago, he was barely speaking in sentences.

Strawberry Popsicle

Pretty Kitty, Fluffy Kitty

9 07 2009

Pretty Kitty, Fluffy Kitty, originally uploaded by B.K. Dewey.

It turns out that two days in a row, Patrick needed a change of clothes at daycare. First day, no problem. He came home in his backup clothes. Second day… Oops! No more clothes for Patrick!

So he “borrowed” one of his classmate’s “Pretty Kitty, Fluffy Kitty” onesies.

Now, I consider myself one of those new-age guys who doesn’t pay a lot of attention to gender stereotypes. But I still freaked me out when I saw Patrick in a pink shirt with frilly trim.

Alex’s Baseball Bat

7 07 2009

Alex’s Baseball Bat, originally uploaded by B.K. Dewey.

Because Alex had so much fun with his friend Nathan’s baseball gear, Molly bought him a wiffleball bat and set. Alex insisted on getting the helmet. While it looks enormous on his head, it’s actually SMALL — we’ll have to get him another soon if he sticks with this.

If I stand really close to him and toss a ball carefully, he can hit it. I usually need to remind him to watch the ball.

We’ve had a couple of tragic incidents when he tosses the ball to ME. I can’t seem to remember that I don’t need to hit the ball hard, and I’ve sent a ball stinging off his leg and off his arm. Both incidents ended in tears and cries of, “I want my mama!”

Our Little Troublemaker

6 07 2009

Our good friend Bridget was in Seattle for the famous Potlatch frisbee tournament, and she paid us a visit when the tournament was over. Alex was in full show-off mode. And Patrick?

Bridget comes to visit

Oh, sure, for the most part one-year-old is a great age. He’s pretty agreeable with whatever we have planned and doesn’t throw temper tantrums. But I think I’m starting to see a little gear turning in his head that goes something like, “Hey, they think I’m cute. I think I can use this to my advantage to get away with things.” Here you see him trying to drum on his brother’s head.

Patrick also amuses himself dropping things from his high chair and saying, “Uh oooh!” And he loves making a mad dash for the electrical outlet by the fan. (He can crawl fast!) He laughs maniacally as we chase after him. We move him away, and he does it again. The game doesn’t get old.

Yup, we’ve got another little troublemaker on our hands.