Patrick’s Latest Trick

8 06 2009

I’d be remiss if I failed to post photographic evidence of Patrick’s latest trick.

Patrick’s First Birthday Party

7 06 2009

We had Patrick’s first birthday party today. It started as a remarkably low-key affair. The birthday boy was asleep for the first hour or so of the party, and for a while the most rambunctious of the guests watched Madagascar downstairs. That gave the grownups and the more mellow children time to enjoy a nice brunch upstairs.

Eventually, Patrick woke up and the party got a little more lively, but never quite to the “pure chaos” level. It was quite an enjoyable affair, actually, even for the birthday parents.

I wish I could say the evening was as pleasant! Getting both kids loaded up on sugar and having them both skip afternoon naps turned out not to be a winning strategy for a stress-free day. Alex was a particular terror at dinnertime/bedtime. The poor kid was so tired that we got him to bed and sound asleep around 7:00, something unheard of since he was closer to Patrick’s age.

Of course, we have photos from the event…

May iPhone Wallpaper added

5 06 2009

I added photos from May to my iPhone wallpaper collection. Click here to see the whole collection.

The Passage of Time

4 06 2009

The Passage of Time, originally uploaded by B.K. Dewey.

You can see how Alex has changed in a little under two years. It’s odd to think that by this fall, Patrick will be as old as Alex is in the top picture.

The Curse of the Second Child…

1 06 2009

The curse of the second child is that developmental milestones aren’t as closely watched as they are for the first child.

We almost let this milestone pass unobserved: Patrick is very close to insisting on feeding himself, no matter the mess. It started with simple things, like Cheerios and crackers. It’s progressed to yogurt. The mess factor is going up.

Patrick at Dinnertime

He’ll still let us spoon-feed him if the meal starts that way. If he starts feeding himself, he expects that’s how the whole meal will go.

Does he look grown up yet?

1 06 2009

Looking at the pictures hanging on our walls, when Alex was about 11 months old you could really see the little boy that he would become. I wonder if Patrick has reached the same stage of development? Years from now, will we look back on pictures like this one and say, Ah, that’s when Patrick really started looking like Patrick!

If that’s the case, the poor guy’s not going to have a lot of hair when he grows up…