So it begins…

4 02 2009

The scene: We’ve just picked up Patrick & Alex from daycare. It’s dark out. We’re halfway through the short trip home. Alex has been grumpy ever since we picked him up. It was a struggle to get him into the car. From the back seat, Alex speaks up.

Alex: Mama, when I get home can I have a cookie?

Brian: No, Alex, you can’t have a cookie.

Alex: No. I’m talking to Mama. Maa-ma, can I have a cookie?

Lord of the Flies?

4 02 2009

For two days in a row now, Alex has come home with his face covered in magic marker. It looks like war paint.

I don’t think it’s coincidence that for the past two days, one or both of the full-time teachers in Alex’s room have been out sick.

I have a theory that the toddlers sensed the weakness in the regime, realized they had strength in numbers, and took over.

Lord of the Flies