Some Updates on Patrick

6 01 2009

A little smile

The little guy just keeps getting bigger. Within the past week, he’s really mastered sitting up on his own. (For a few weeks now, he’s been sitting with help.)

And while he doesn’t crawl yet, you’re certainly not safe leaving something interesting within a 5 foot radius of him. He’s shown remarkable determination to roll, kick, scoot, and army crawl to get whatever’s caught his eye. Usually that thing is a piece of Alex’s train track.

He’s also getting the hang of eating. Unlike Alex, who took to it from day one, Patrick didn’t like it at the beginning. Molly had to catch him at just the right time for him to try food. If he was too hungry, he’d just want to nurse. If he wasn’t hungry enough, he wasn’t interested in trying food. Now he eats. He doesn’t eat as widely as Alex did (tonight, he rejected spinach & potatoes), but he’s eating. We’ve also given him Cheerios and slices of pear in those nifty mesh bags.

And I hope I don’t jinx things by writing this, but he’s also gotten the knack of sleeping. Ever since the day after Christmas, he’s been waking up only one time to eat and sleeping the rest of the night. This is a big improvement from being up every 2-3 hours. Let’s hope it continues!



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