Merry Christmas to All…

25 12 2008

Well, this sure has been some Christmas week. Snow fell on Seattle last Thursday, and it’s still here. The novelty officially wore off Tuesday evening, when we got our car stuck trying to pull into our driveway. (We wound up parking it on the street.) We were finally able to push the car into a street parking space. Yesterday, we tried (and failed) to put chains on the tires. That wound up creating a smooth slush puddle under the tires and the car’s now stuck.

Luckily, we can walk to nearby grocery stores, or it would be a very sorry Christmas indeed.

As I write this, it’s 7:10 on Christmas morning, and everybody else is still asleep. That’s pretty amazing considering that Patrick has been up at 4:30 or 5:00 each day for the past three days. I don’t think we’ll have many more years of leisurely Christmas mornings. Perhaps next year Alex will be pushing us out of bed at 5:00. (We didn’t make a big deal out of yesterday being Christmas Eve, so I don’t think Alex realizes what’s in store for him today.)

Merry Christmas!




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