The Brothers Meet

10 06 2008

I don’t have a lot of time today to put up many new photos, but here are two pictures from Alex and Patrick’s second meeting. This time, Alex seemed more interested in the baby. Especially when the nurse was changing his diaper, and he kept pooping, and pooping, and pooping some more. Alex kept pointing that out. “He’s poopy!”

Also, now that Patrick’s gradually looking less like a just-been-born infant, I’m starting to see more of the differences between the two kids. I now think Patrick will have my coloring, not Molly’s. His skin is much redder than Alex’s, his eyes aren’t as blue, and his hair seems a little darker.

I still don’t think I’ve completely realized that Patrick’s going to be his own little person, and not just a clone of Alex. I have in-depth experience with raising exactly one boy, and I guess I’m going to be surprised every time the second boy isn’t the same as the first one!

Brothers (II)Brothers



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