Lady’s Man

10 04 2008

From daycare today:

Alex had a good day today. While they were eating lunch, Alex and him kept hugging each other and laughing. Alex said, “I funny.” When I came back from lunch today Alex and Alexa were laying on the same cot. They have been playing with each other a lot these days!

Uh oh.


10 04 2008

Yesterday’s note:

Today when Alex woke up he started counting to himself. He counted to 8 without mistakes. It was pretty neat.

He pretty regularly and spontaneously starts counting to ten these days. Maybe it means he’ll be a numbers person. Or maybe it means he’s one of those obsessive compulsive people who has to count all of the cracks in the sidewalk. Who knows.


8 04 2008

An incident from this past weekend: Saturday morning, Alex wanted me to read him some books. I didn’t have the energy to do it at the time, so I suggested, “Why don’t you read the books instead?” I put him in the rocking chair and gave him a couple of books. What really surprised me is that he’d open the book and then say a phrase from that page in the book. It had been several days since we’d read some of the books. With the book Cleo in the Snow, he said, “Cleo wakes, cleo yawns” on the first page, and then turned to the page where the sled crashes and went, “Oh no!” For The Cat in the Hat, he said “Cold, cold, cold” on the first page, and then said “Look at me! Look at me!” when he turned to the pages of the cat jumping up and down on the ball.

I guess he’s paying attention when we read to him after all!


8 04 2008

Alex’s note from daycare today:

Alex is really liking putting on his socks and shoes by himself. He is getting more and more independent every day.

I guess independent is one word for it. Some days, we’d probably use the phrase strong-willed instead.

I haven’t seen him get his shoes on by himself yet, but he does often try to put his socks on himself at home. It’s not always fast, and it usually takes a few tries, but it clearly makes him happy.

Today’s Amusing Sayings

1 04 2008

Alex’s ability to speak in “full” sentences continues. By “full,” I mean, “he’s saying more than a noun and a verb.” I don’t necessarily mean that the sentences make sense.

For instance, we just got a new Wild Animal Baby in the mail. On the second page, we read how the squirrels Scurry and Scruffy like to eat bird seed. When I read that to him, Alex looks at me and says, “I eat bird seed too!” I think he loves the, “Nooo you don’t!” answer.

After school today, I was really amused by two things he did. The first was negotiation. We were at the playground by our house. I’d told him, “In three minutes, we have to go home and eat dinner!” We then did a couple of laps around a staircase chasing each other. Eventually, I told him, “One more lap!” and then (after that final lap) picked him up, put him on my shoulders, and started carrying him home. That’s when he clearly started asking, “Four more minutes? Four more minutes?”

What really had me laughing was dinner time. Alex is pretty good at singing on his own right now. His enunciation isn’t great, and he skips over lots of words, but you can usually tell when he’s trying to sing “Baa baa black sheep,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “A, B, C, D”, or “Oh Elephant!” (That last song is one from daycare. I don’t know how it goes, but Alex loves to sing it. The “Oh Elephant!” part is really clear when he says it.)

Well, tonight at dinner, Alex had a grand old time mixing up the words to songs and adding his own bathroom humor. He’d sing things like:

A.. B.. baath-rooom…

Have you any wool?

Yes sir, yes sir,

Three baath-rooom.

He just loved saying “bathroom” and mixing up the words from all the different songs (which do, suspiciously, have the same tune).