Monster Update

April 24, 2008

After Molly got Alex dressed and out of bed this morning, he marched into our bedroom and announced, “No monsters!”

Which I guess is good.

And then he said, “Monsters eat strawberries.”

It’s funny how things get stuck in his head. Last week, the phrase was “People no shoes.” We’d been at the playground, and there were two junior-high-aged girls on the jungle gym, and they had no shoes on. Alex was fascinated. He kept saying, “People no shoes” while we were there. And for a few days after this incident, he’d bust out that phrase. Waking up from a nap? He’d look at me and say, “People no shoes.” Going for a walk near the playground? “People no shoes.”

So I guess the thing on his mind right now is that monsters eat strawberries. I suspect we’ll keep hearing about it for the next few days.

Written by Brian Dewey.

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