29 04 2008

If you live in the Pacific Northwest and you own a camera, it’s inevitable that you make a trip to the Skagit valley tulip fields in the spring. This year, some friends and I started driving at 4:30 AM Saturday morning to make it to the fields by the 6:00 AM sunrise. Yes, it was a little insane, but I think it was worth it.

Tulps and Poplar


It wound up being an beautiful, sunny day.

As Far as the Eye can See

While we were there, a work crew showed up to harvest flowers. It’s kind of weird to remember that these tulips are a crop, like corn or wheat.

Armfuls of Flowers

Later that morning, the kids showed up. Alex got to run in the sunshine, chase bubbles, lick grass (yup, he’ll lick anything these days), and generally had a great time. He fell asleep in the car on the way home and woke up right as we were getting off the freeway in Seattle. “More cows!” he demanded. I guess the livestock made more of an impression than the flowers.

Alex stares at daffodils

The rest of the pictures from the day are here:


Monster Update

24 04 2008

After Molly got Alex dressed and out of bed this morning, he marched into our bedroom and announced, “No monsters!”

Which I guess is good.

And then he said, “Monsters eat strawberries.”

It’s funny how things get stuck in his head. Last week, the phrase was “People no shoes.” We’d been at the playground, and there were two junior-high-aged girls on the jungle gym, and they had no shoes on. Alex was fascinated. He kept saying, “People no shoes” while we were there. And for a few days after this incident, he’d bust out that phrase. Waking up from a nap? He’d look at me and say, “People no shoes.” Going for a walk near the playground? “People no shoes.”

So I guess the thing on his mind right now is that monsters eat strawberries. I suspect we’ll keep hearing about it for the next few days.

I swear I only said it once…

22 04 2008

Here’s the story. Molly & I picked up Alex from daycare yesterday. We brought him home. It was one of the first sunny and warm afternoons in a long time, so I figured I’d take Alex outside while Molly made dinner. The wrinkle in the plan: Alex decided he didn’t want Molly to put his pants back on after getting his diaper changed.

“Don’t you want to go outside?” I asked him. “You can blow dandelion seeds!”

“Yeah!” he answered.

“Well, then, you need to put on pants and shoes!” I picked him up to carry him upstairs to get dressed.

“No!” he said.

“Well, if you don’t put on pants, the monsters will eat your legs!” I tickled his knee and carried him upstairs. I got a pair of pants, but instead of sitting still to let me put them on, he kept running around and then ran over to our bed.

Playing on our bed is his new favorite activity. He likes jumping, he likes squishing me, he likes piling pillows on top of me… in general, he has a great time, and we can go on this way for a good 30 minutes. So we started playing on the bed. He piled the pillows. He jumped. He squished me. It was fun and cute. Then, after 10 minutes, he stops, gets a concerned look on his face, and says, “Monsters eat the legs?”

“Nooo,” I said. “Monsters won’t eat your legs.”

He still looked concerned, so I put on his pants. I was kind of amazed he let me do this. He’d been so rowdy just second earlier.

“There,” I said. But he still looked worried, and then he said, “Monsters eat the toes?” (He still wasn’t wearing shoes and socks.)

“No, the monsters won’t eat your toes. If they tried, they’d go, ‘Bleh! Yuck!'”

He looked at me and smiled. “Bleh! Yuck!” he said. But then he got worried again. “Monsters eat the toes?”

“No, the monsters won’t eat your toes. Do you know what monsters eat?”

He just looked at me.

I said, “Strawberries. Monsters eat strawberries.”

He smiled again. “Monsters eat the strawberries,” he said.

And that pretty much wrapped up the monster encounter for the night. But this morning, he surprised me when he was on the changing table, still in his pajamas, and he says out of the blue, “Monsters eat the strawberries.”

I swear I only said the monster comment once. I’m a little surprised he even knows the concept of a “monster.” The only monster he has regular exposure to is Grover in The Monster at the End of this Book. But I guess he gets it. It’s just a little reminder that we have to be careful what we say these days!


17 04 2008

Grandma gave Alex a rolling frog backpack several months ago. Until recently, all he’d do is roll it around. Now, however, he likes wearing it as a backpack. And I must say, he looks kinda cute.

What an OutfitFroggie Backpack


16 04 2008

Alex’s note from yesterday:

Alex and Alexa have become quite the duo lately. they were giggling and talking to each other. They understood what they were saying. I didn’t!


14 04 2008

This Saturday morning, Alex spent a little while “reading” to himself. I thought it was cute, so I grabbed the camera.

Here he is reading books that were ours when we were kids. He loves them both. This book was Molly’s:

I Am a Bunny

And here he is reading one of my books:

Catch a Tiger By the Tail

Maybe the trips to the farmer’s market are teaching him something.

10 04 2008

Alex usually wants me to sing him Old MacDonald when I put him to sleep for the night. I sing up to the part, “…and on that farm he had some…?” and wait to see what he wants on the farm.

For months the only thing he’d answer was, “Horsies.” So I’d sing about how the farm has horses and that they go neigh. He started branching out earlier this week. I sang, “…and on that farm he had some…?” and he answered, all in one breath: “horsies-and-lions!” So I sang about all of the neigh! roar! sounds that you could hear on the farm.

Tonight, he varied it a little more. For the first verse, he wanted horsies-and-cows. That’s normal enough. On the second verse, though, he was quite insistent: On that farm he had some pork. Which I guess is true.

(I had to ask him what sound the pork made. Apparently, on a farm, the pork goes pop! pop!)

Lady’s Man

10 04 2008

From daycare today:

Alex had a good day today. While they were eating lunch, Alex and him kept hugging each other and laughing. Alex said, “I funny.” When I came back from lunch today Alex and Alexa were laying on the same cot. They have been playing with each other a lot these days!

Uh oh.


10 04 2008

Yesterday’s note:

Today when Alex woke up he started counting to himself. He counted to 8 without mistakes. It was pretty neat.

He pretty regularly and spontaneously starts counting to ten these days. Maybe it means he’ll be a numbers person. Or maybe it means he’s one of those obsessive compulsive people who has to count all of the cracks in the sidewalk. Who knows.


8 04 2008

An incident from this past weekend: Saturday morning, Alex wanted me to read him some books. I didn’t have the energy to do it at the time, so I suggested, “Why don’t you read the books instead?” I put him in the rocking chair and gave him a couple of books. What really surprised me is that he’d open the book and then say a phrase from that page in the book. It had been several days since we’d read some of the books. With the book Cleo in the Snow, he said, “Cleo wakes, cleo yawns” on the first page, and then turned to the page where the sled crashes and went, “Oh no!” For The Cat in the Hat, he said “Cold, cold, cold” on the first page, and then said “Look at me! Look at me!” when he turned to the pages of the cat jumping up and down on the ball.

I guess he’s paying attention when we read to him after all!