How to Cook a Wolf

30 03 2008

One of the most talked-about new restaurants in Seattle is How To Cook A Wolf. I haven’t had the pleasure of eating there yet. But I don’t think I have to, because Alex has show us how to cook a wolf. Saute with lemon and pepper.

How to cook a wolf

(The stove was one of his birthday presents. So far, he loves it. He helped put it together with his dad. Anyone who really knows me knows how funny this picture is.)

Working with Dad


25 03 2008

Today’s note from daycare:

Today Alex left his blanket inside and then started crying and wanted it while we were outside. I explained where we were and where it was and that it’d be there when we went back in. He seemed to understand me.

I told you they cooked.

21 03 2008

Recently, I mentioned that Alex and Molly now cook together. And I had some cute photos of Alex and Molly making pancakes last Sunday morning. But, since Molly didn’t want pictures of her in her pajamas up on the Internet for everyone to see, I took the pictures down.

Luckily, I have photographic evidence that they cook together. Last Saturday, they made cookies together, and I snapped a few pictures on film. Well, now the film is developed, scanned, pajama-free, and posted.

Why is there a photographer in the room?

You can see the two other pictures here:

Alex’s Second Birthday

21 03 2008

So our little boy is now two. We thought he had no ideas what birthdays meant — and I still think that’s true for the most part. But he certainly knows more about them now.

Let me rewind.

Wednesday, March 19th started much like any other day for Alex. We wished him a happy birthday when we woke him up in the morning, but that was about it. We dropped him off at daycare and headed to work. On the way home from work, feeling a little guilty that we’d done essentially nothing for his second birthday, we resolved to buy him some cupcakes and presents at University Village before we brought him home. I picked up Alex and brought him to the nearby playground while Molly did the shopping. The playground idea didn’t work quite as planned — instead of happily running around the slide, Alex instead ran from restaurant to restaurant. I guess he was hungry. So instead of a home-cooked meal on his birthday, we all ate at Atlas foods. Alex had mac & cheese.

When we got home and got Alex ready to eat his cupcake, what did he do? He started singing Happy Birthday, all by himself. We guessed, and confirmed later, that they’d sung that song to him at daycare. Apparently, he likes it!

Birthday Cupcake

While he was eating the cupcake, Molly got the phone and called her parents. They sang Happy Birthday to him over the speaker phone, which delighted him. He kept asking, “More Happy Birthday?”

Talking to Nana

We then had him open his present from his great-parents, Diddy and Pop-Pop. They gave him a set of bells. Here’s Alex, opening the present. Note the camera he’s holding — that plays a part in the end of the story.

Opening Diddy's Present

Alex had a good time with the bells.

Playing with the Bells

But by this time, he was starting to get over-tired. He kept trying to take his shirt off, and I was only able to distract him from that by getting him to make funny faces — you can now ask Alex, “Make a funny face!” and this is what he’ll do:

Funny Face with Belly

You can see he’d been trying to get his shirt off.

Alex was in borderline good spirits for one last picture, which I already wrote about here: Do-Over. But that was all he had in him. When we tried to get the camera away from him — the one I talked about three pictures back — it triggered the Great Birthday Meltdown of 2008. Too much excitement in the day.

I had to leave shortly afterwards for piano lessons, and Molly put Alex to bed. So it wasn’t until later that night that I learned how Alex’s day ended. He finally calmed down. She gave him a bath and read him stories. When it was time to go to bed, she took him into his dark bedroom where we often sing him a song. Most nights, he asks, “E-I-O?” and we sing him Old MacDonald. But that night, he asked, “More Happy Birthday?” And that’s what she sang him.

After putting Alex to bed, Molly came downstairs and turned on the baby monitor. She could hear him singing Happy Birthday to himself until he fell asleep.


19 03 2008

Today was Alex’s birthday. I’ll write more about it either today or tomorrow. He did have a good day, and we can no longer claim that he has no idea what’s going on. (More on that later.)

But we had one specific request for a photo today: Try to get an updated copy of this picture from his first birthday:

One Year Ago

We tried, but we couldn’t achieve the same effect. You’ll have to click the link to see what we finally came up with.

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19 03 2008

I love this picture. Alex is about to pop a rock in his mouth, and you can tell from that sly look in his eyes that he knows he’s not supposed to do it.

Eat the Rock?


18 03 2008

Today’s note:

Today at breakfast Alex kept asking for more bagels and Alexa was sitting next to him, and he’s always turn to her and ask, “More bagels Lexi?” It was very sweet.

It’s certainly better than a lot of the talk we get from Alex at home, anyway. These days, he’s always saying, “Push Lexi!” and “Push Lexi down.” We asked the teachers about it, and apparently the kids are big into pushing each other now… it’s not just Alex. We still think it’s kind of odd how much he talks about it.


16 03 2008

We’ve found a new way to entertain Alex while inside: Cook. Molly pioneered this technique with waffles last weekend. This weekend, Alex and Molly made pancakes. Alex also likes to sit in his chair while I chop vegetables for dinner. He likes having jobs to do, and when I chop his job is to put the scraps in the trash. When he’s making breakfast with Molly, he likes to stir.

I guess it’s more accurate to say: Molly lets him stir. He also likes to crack the eggs, turn on the mixer, and lick the batter. But what we let him do is whisk.

(There was a brief moment of panic on my part when I’d stepped into the living room. I heard the mixer turn on, and instantly heard Molly say loudly, “No! No! No! Stop doing that!” I ran back in, sure that Alex had his hand caught in the mixer or something else equally gruesome. Luckily, all that had happened is Alex had turned on the mixer before Molly had put the mixer down into the bowl, spraying batter all over the kitchen. Nobody was hurt, although Alex was scared.)

And finally, Alex got to eat the pancakes. Believe me, he knows the word syrup!

Eating the Pancakes


5 03 2008

Today’s note:

Alex wants to wear his boots at school. He walks over to his cubby and goes, “Boots! Boots!”

Here’s how he looked when we got him home from school today. Note, in addition to the boots, the stylish magic marker on his pants. That wasn’t there when we dropped him off this morning!


Interlaken Park

4 03 2008

One thing I like to do these days and I can get away for an hour or two is take my camera to a part of the city I haven’t seen before. Saturday, I spent some time in Interlaken Park. It’s a calm wooded area on the north part of Capitol Hill. Once again, I’m amazed at the signs of spring that are everywhere.

Unnoticed and UnappreciatedFlowers

You can find the full photo set here: