Is it really almost Spring?

17 02 2008

That must mean that it’s almost time for Alex’s second birthday, and we’re really not ready for that milestone.

But here are some photos from yesterday morning that suggest that Spring is close at hand, at least in the Pacific Northwest:

White Flowers

February FlowersSpring

Oh no, is this a new phase?

17 02 2008

Two weeks ago, after Alex had his second afternoon at daycare without a nap, the new teacher in his room asked Molly, “Alex really fights his nap. Does he do this at home?”

“Oh no!” we said. “Alex has no problem going to sleep at home, but that’s probably because there isn’t as much interesting stuff happening.”

Well, we’ve now had a weekend where Alex has vigorously fought going to sleep. He screams when we leave him for naps and when we leave him for the night. Luckily, the screaming is over within two minutes and then he’s sound asleep. But still, we’re so used to having a good sleeper that we’re not quite sure how to handle this new development.

Yeah, I love all kinds of attention

17 02 2008

Normally, I spend Saturday mornings with Alex while Molly goes to the gym. But yesterday, Molly was taking the morning off from the gym, and I took the chance to spend a couple of hours out with my camera. I got up early hoping for a spectacular sunrise over the Seattle skyline. That didn’t happen. It was all gray flat sunlight. Luckily, I thought ahead and brought some props, and I got this shot:

The shot's the other way!

This picture got picked up on one of the area blogs:

The rest of my pictures from the morning are here:

Alex’s Note Yesterday

12 02 2008

Alex was singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on his cot before he fell asleep.

Democracy In Action

11 02 2008

Saturday, I took Alex to the local Democratic caucus. It was held in the elementary school just up the street from our house. And I must say, it was pretty inspiring to see all of the people walking there with us. The entire community was rallying around the upcoming election. When we got to the school, there was a line around the block just to get inside.


Once we got inside, it was crowded and hot inside the school gymnasium. There were 10 precincts caucusing in that gym, and each precinct had about 100 voters showing up. When you add in all of the kids, it was a very crowded place indeed.

Crowded gymnasium

Even though he can’t vote, Alex had a great time. He was energized from all of the people around him. He ran around, pointing at the circles painted on the gymnasium floor, and he stopped and smiled at anyone who’d pay attention to him.


We left shortly before the second vote. We didn’t need to stay for the whole thing to know how things were going to turn out; in the initial vote, Obama was ahead by 2-1. The speeches that the campaign coordinators gave only seemed to solidify his margin. Heck, even Alex has been known to say, “Barack O-MAMA!” at times.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the rest of the country, but in Seattle, the population is eager for political change.


The rest of the day’s pictures are here:

Alex and his New Book

11 02 2008

My Very Own Name

Alex loves his new book. I don’t know if he really understands that it spells out his name, but he really likes all of the animals.

Preparing to be a big brother

6 02 2008

So last week, we asked Alex if he wanted a little brother. “Sister?” he answered. I guess he’ll be disappointed.

If we ask him, “Do you want to say hi to your little brother?” he’ll go over to Molly’s stomach and say, “Hi!” He’ll also kiss her stomach. Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Giving a kissFeel the belly"Say hi to your little brother!"

We also frequently ask him, “What should we name your little brother? What should we call him?” His answer is always the same: