Wide-Angle Alex

17 12 2007

Those who are looking for new pictures of Alex need look no further than this set:


The unifying theme is playing with wide-angle shots. Oh, and food. Since Alex spends a large portion of his day either eating, or begging to get the remains of the Halloween candy, most pictures involve Alex eating.

The fun of wide-angle shots is you can get really close and still take in a lot of background.

The drawback of wide-angle shots of an almost-21-month-old is you get really close.


Christmas Cards

9 12 2007

Yesterday, we took pictures of Alex to go on our Christmas card. Do you want to see the pictures that didn’t make the cut? Then go here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bdewey/sets/72157603410093785/


Bad Parents

7 12 2007

Molly & I were too tired to cook dinner tonight. I don’t think Alex cared.

Bad Parenting

10 seconds of fame

6 12 2007


Here’s Seattlest’s picture of the day:

Azalea Way

My new camera

2 12 2007

I bought a new point-and-shoot camera recently. For a while, I’ve thought it would be fun to always have a camera with me. Considering I went through so much of my life not wanting to have my picture taken, this is a strange turn of events.

A big part of the inspiration to carry the camera is just how cool the view is from my new office building. This is a picture I snapped on Friday morning with my new camera, with the first real snow of the season only a day old on the mountains.

Yet another picture of the mountains

Having a camera in my pocket meant I could entertain myself on the bus ride home that evening. Here’s a shot of the 520 bridge, which I took while waiting for a bus transfer:

520 Lights


2 12 2007

You can find some new bathtime pictures of Alex here:


I had to grab the camera because he was having a grand time putting things on his head. Sometimes, those things contained water.


Snowy Seattle

2 12 2007

It snowed on Saturday. It was the best kind of snow. It came quickly, made everything pretty for an afternoon, and then disappeared. No traffic snarls.

Winter Landscape

This all came on suddenly in the afternoon. When Alex when to sleep for his nap, it was a normal, cloudy day. When he woke up, SNOW!

Yay! Snow!

Of course, we took him out to play. You can see all of the pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bdewey/sets/72157603353251677/

Big Smile