My new camera

2 12 2007

I bought a new point-and-shoot camera recently. For a while, I’ve thought it would be fun to always have a camera with me. Considering I went through so much of my life not wanting to have my picture taken, this is a strange turn of events.

A big part of the inspiration to carry the camera is just how cool the view is from my new office building. This is a picture I snapped on Friday morning with my new camera, with the first real snow of the season only a day old on the mountains.

Yet another picture of the mountains

Having a camera in my pocket meant I could entertain myself on the bus ride home that evening. Here’s a shot of the 520 bridge, which I took while waiting for a bus transfer:

520 Lights



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23 12 2007
Brian’s Brain » Blog Archive » More views from my office

[…] Carrying the point & shoot around continues to be fun. Friday, I had some downtime and used the time to wander around the woods outside the office. You’ve seen the pictures of the scenery from the 4th floor balcony looking out over towards the cascades (here) — this is the view from down among the trees looking back at the building. […]

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