Merry Christmas

24 12 2007

Merry Christmas

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For the relatives we are about to visit, this is the bundle of Christmas cheer heading your way!

No-Napping Alex at the Aquarium

24 12 2007

Sunday, Alex shocked us by refusing to take an afternoon nap. He’d done that two times the previous week at daycare, too. To let Molly get her afternoon nap, I took Alex to the aquarium. The lighting was bad, and I only have my point & shoot, but I still think family would like these pictures.

Alex the JellyfishAlex the OctopusAlex and Daddy

10 more seconds of fame

21 12 2007

Featured here:

Sun Rising in Seattle

I think I’m posting this, popped into our flickr group by B.K. Dewey, more for me than for you–I’m headed to the airport tonight to spend a week on the East coast in places that are not this pretty, and I’m very cranky about it. Still, you have to admit, Seattle is sometimes a very lovely town, even if we do have a streetcar to nowhere and not enough low-income housing.

Notes on language development

18 12 2007

While Alex’s language skills are no where close to some of the girls in our parenting group, he has made some notable strides recently. He’ll occasionally say two or three word "sentences," he seems to understand possessives, and you can now ask him open ended (instead of yes/no) questions.

For example, he’ll now pick up his coat and say, "Alex’s coat!" On Sunday, on our way to a meeting with our parenting group, he repeated "Esme’s house" over (and over and over).

This morning, I got him to say "Alex eats apple."

Our old modus operandi understand Alex was to ask him a series of yes/no questions. "Do you want milk? Do you want water?" We could also motivate him to go to daycare by asking him who he’ll see. "Are you going to see Rhiannon? Are you going to see Alexa? Are you going to see Devon?" This week, I asked him instead, "Who are you going to see?" His answer: "Rhiannon."

"Who else?"

"Mimi." (She’s one of the teachers in one of the other toddler rooms.)

"Who else?"


Mimi was his answer the next three times I asked him, too. He really likes Mimi!

More views from my office

17 12 2007

Carrying the point & shoot around continues to be fun. Friday, I had some downtime and used the time to wander around the woods outside the office. You’ve seen the pictures of the scenery from the 4th floor balcony looking out over towards the cascades (here) — this is the view from down among the trees looking back at the building.

Microsoft Building 36

The lighting that afternoon was really weird. It was getting late in the day. For those of you not used to winter life in the far north, it was 3:30 and heavily overcast, which meant that it was starting to get noticeably dusky. At eye level and below, I could see colors. As I looked up, the world became silhouettes of black and white. This next picture is in color, and it’s pretty true to what my eye saw when I looked around.

Tree silhouette

Walking around outside my building, there are more fun things than big trees to notice.


And the best part of carrying a camera around is when I notice something funny, I can capture it. This is in our parking garage today.

I don't think so


17 12 2007

Alex knows that some words are color words. But he doesn’t seem to use the words in any consistent way. You can ask him, “What color is this?” and chances are he’ll name a color, but what color he names is pretty much random.

Here’s a conversation during bathtime today:

Me: (Pointing at Cleo, who’d just walked into the bathroom.) What color is Cleo?

Alex: Green!!

Me: No… Cleo’s brown. What color is Daddy’s hair?

Alex: Yellow!!

Me: No… Daddy’s hair is brown, too. What color is this cup? (Points to a red cup.)

Alex: Nooo…

Me: No? The cup is red. Can you say Red?

Alex: Yellow!!

I’m now a published photographer

17 12 2007

The two-page spread in page 8-9 of Transforming the World: Rochester at 150 is a picture I took on vacation over the summer. This is the south fork of the Zumbro river in Rochester:

South Zumbro River

A few weeks ago I got a real check (that didn’t bounce!) from the publisher, and today a package came in the mail with a complimentary copy of the book.

Wide-Angle Alex

17 12 2007

Those who are looking for new pictures of Alex need look no further than this set:

The unifying theme is playing with wide-angle shots. Oh, and food. Since Alex spends a large portion of his day either eating, or begging to get the remains of the Halloween candy, most pictures involve Alex eating.

The fun of wide-angle shots is you can get really close and still take in a lot of background.

The drawback of wide-angle shots of an almost-21-month-old is you get really close.


Christmas Cards

9 12 2007

Yesterday, we took pictures of Alex to go on our Christmas card. Do you want to see the pictures that didn’t make the cut? Then go here:


Bad Parents

7 12 2007

Molly & I were too tired to cook dinner tonight. I don’t think Alex cared.

Bad Parenting