The Macaroni Incident

23 09 2007

We fed Alex Kraft Macaroni & Cheese tonight. It was fun in so many ways. First, because I got to eat the extra. We never make Kraft Mac & Cheese for ourselves, so it was a great guilty pleasure.

Second, when we got home from the grocery store, Molly took off Alex’s pullover fleece… and Alex insisted on taking his shirt off with it. There was nothing we could do to get that shirt back on. So when dinnertime rolled around, Alex ate with his shirt off.

In hindsight, looking at the amount of Mac & Cheese on his chest, it’s as well that he didn’t have a shirt on. I’m sure you can understand why I had to pull the camera out for this feeding.

Open Wide! Ooh! That's Good Stuff! Guess where the macaroni will end up? Food and a Smile

Just a note for those in other parts of the country…

23 09 2007

We had to turn on our heat this weekend. I see it’s in the mid-to-upper 80’s in the midwest and in Washington, D.C., so I thought you might find this fact surprising.

Snoqualamie Falls at Night

22 09 2007

I was at the Salish Lodge and Snoqualamie Falls earlier this week. I took a few photos, but I thought most were boring. This is the most interesting shot I got: The falls and the lodge at night.

Falls at Night

Then and Now: Feeding

22 09 2007

Digging back into the photo archives: About a year ago is when we started feeding Alex “real” food in the high chair. Here’s his first meal of peaches:

And here he is eating breakfast one year later:


What I find most amazing when I look at the two pictures is how much he’s grown. His head now comes over the back of the high chair. (And, of course, he can now feed himself.) 


16 09 2007

I think to taunt us with the rapidly disappearing sunlight, sunflowers are now in full bloom. We got a few from local farmers, and I took a few photos, like these:

Sunflower IISunflower I


16 09 2007

Today, we took Alex to meet the fishies.

This boy loves fish. Steve and Kate (Ruby’s parents) hosted PEPS last weekend, and they have a pond with goldfish in their backyard. Alex stood there for 15 minutes pointing at the fish.

So today, the first real dreary day of fall, we took Alex back to the Seattle Aquarium. I’ve taken him there once before, but that time it was just me and him — and therefore no camera. This time, Molly was with us. I brought the camera. But be warned, the lighting there makes it tricky to take photos.

Alex in Molly's Lap

Just like when I took him before, he was both fascinated and scared by the centerpiece of the renovated Aquarium, the “Window on Washington Waters.” This is a gigantic tank, with a 20 foot by 40 foot viewing window. (The glass is 13 inches thick to hold back all the water.) He sat, completely docile, in Molly’s lap, staring at the divers and the fish. I now think that it’s the divers that scare him, because once they left the tank, he was willing to leave Molly’s lap and walk around.

Diver in "The Window on Washington Waters"

For the most part, however, he wandered happily through the aquarium, going from exhibit to exhibit.

Alex and Molly at the hands-on exhibitAlex and the rockfishAlex looking at an anemone"What's over there?"Seal swimming by

However, I guess this photo is the best testimony to how much he enjoyed the aquarium… this is what he looked like 3 minutes after we got into the car on the way home:

The car ride home

If you want to see all of the pictures from the aquarium trip, they’re here:

Just a Couple of Snapshots

10 09 2007

It was a relatively busy weekend. Molly hosted a bridal shower for our friend Merideth on Sunday, and that made it my job to entertain Alex on my own for much of the day. When it’s just me & him, I don’t bother to bring my camera. He now moves around a lot. But I was able to snap a few photos with my iPhone over the past few days. Here’s Alex trying on his new rainwear (we’re getting ready for the approaching rainy season):

My new raincoatDoes this mean I can walk in the catbox now?

And here he is — well, you figure it out.

Straw up the nose

What I Did over the Weekend

3 09 2007

With Molly & Alex out of town for the weekend, I took my chance to hop on a seaplane and spend a day in Victoria. Here are my favorite pictures from the day: Victoria 2007.

Here’s a selection of the pictures:

Angel's TrumpetsDirty FlowerRoseCardinal FlowerDahliaDahlia IIWaterfall in the Japanese GardenParliament Building FountainFrog TotemStrait of Juan de FucaGreen Lake, Lake Union, and Downtown