Blue Angels

7 08 2007

This past weekend, the Blue Angels performed over Lake Washington. Alas, this happened during Alex’s naptime, so I couldn’t try to photograph them close up. (Yes, he did sleep through it!) Maybe next year.

However, I did get this picture leaning out my bathroom window.

Four In Formation

Olympic Sculpture Park

7 08 2007

Saturday mornings, Molly goes to the gym for two hours, and I try to find something fun to do with Alex. This past weekend, we went to the Olympic Sculpture Park. This is a new outdoor sculpture park on the Seattle waterfront — it’s a part of the Seattle Art Museum.

I don’t know if Alex is an art lover, but he sure is a dog lover. And it turns out that Saturday morning is a popular time to walk your dogs through the sculpture park.


It’s also a great time to take your dog surfing. Who knew.

The Surfing Dogs

I don’t think the dog on the right was having a good time, because it soon made a break for the shore.

I'm Making a Break For It!

Come to think of it, Alex only seemed to like the dogs and the fences. I guess it will be a while before he appreciates art.

Into the Distance

Can't I Go There?

Some of the scenes from the park:

Silver Tree, Green GrassFerryThe Red ChairsSpace Needle

I got my CueCat

2 08 2007

I got my CueCat today. That’s the barcode scanner I ordered to make it easier to catalog my books. And I’ve learned a few things about myself tonight. First, I get unreasonably excited by cataloging my books. I know all I’m doing is making a list — but it’s still kind of fun. (Even Molly, who sometimes thinks I’m the biggest dork in the world, thought it was fun to swipe book barcodes and see the book show up on the list.)

Second, I learned I’m a really bad estimator. When I started this project, I thought I’d wind up with 400-500 books. I thought I had about “two dozen” cookbooks.

Well, it turns out I have 64 cookbooks. I have over 500 books in my catalog, and I still have a couple more bookcases to go through. I now think I have closer to 700 books in the house. Maybe more.

And today, with the help of my trusty CueCat, I added 340 books to my catalog. Wow.